Watch: Tesla Model S Plaid Sports Retractable Spoiler While Zipping Around Laguna Seca  

Witness the exhilarating performance of the Tesla Model S Plaid as it gracefully navigates the iconic Laguna Seca racetrack, showcasing its retractable spoiler.

The retractable spoiler is a key feature that enhances the

Model S Plaid's aerodynamics and stability at high speeds.

As the car zips around the track, the spoiler elegantly extends to provide additional downforce, optimizing handling and ensuring maximum grip on the road.

This dynamic visual spectacle highlights Tesla's attention to detail and commitment to delivering a thrilling driving experience.

The combination of blistering acceleration, precise handling, and the captivating retractable spoiler demonstrates the

Model S Plaid's ability to seamlessly merge performance and design, making it an enticing choice for car enthusiasts and speed aficionados.